The CINDX project is a revolutionary trading platform designed for a broad range of crypto market participants seeking to profit on the market by offering their expertise and knowledge for monetization.
The purpose of the CINDX platform is to bring together managers, investors and vendors so that they can benefit from one another. By using our platform, investors can find the best managers with transparent ratings from around the world and build trust with one another, as all the transactions are recorded on the blockchain.
What problems does it solve?
Currently, few investors have the knowledge to consistently and successfully profit in the market compared to the number of those with experience in the more familiar but much less rewarding traditional markets. There is now a fitting solution for investors who would rather not manage their savings on their own: CINDX. CINDX allows absolutely anyone to invest in the crypto market, and see returns without possessing any specialized knowledge or skills.
CINDX provides a platform that allows any investor to choose a manager for his or her portfolio and securely trade cryptocurrencies for a reasonable success fee.
What kind of users does the platform target?
Various components of the platform are made for Investors, Managers and Vendors (software providers and analysts), and facilitate the interactions between them efficiently and transparently.
What is the company’s value proposition for its target audiences?
Investors increase their crypto earnings by leveraging the management skills of top traders. Traders earn commissions (success fees) from the investors that follow them based on their performance and trading strategy. Developers can create and sell advanced trading tools and widgets on the platform’s built-in marketplace.
CINDX shifts the paradigm of the current Manager-Investor relationship towards depersonalized, fair-play solutions.
How can investors verify their Manager’s track record?
Every trade executed within the CINDX ecosystem is recorded on the blockchain, allowing CINDX users to easily access verifiable trading success history. This information feeds a unique ranking system which allows CINDX users to browse through a list of world-class Managers and view their performance, statistics and other pertinent information. The platform selects the best trading strategies applied by traders using its own rating system and adds them to the marketplace. The Investors choose the strategies that are optimal for them via their personal exchange accounts without any transfers of funds.

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