AVXChange ICO Review

AVXChange or Audio Video eXchange is a FinTech business established on the principles of blockchain technology set to revolutionize the distribution of proprietary data over the internet. More specifically, AVXChange is a custom, incentive based, Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing platform designed for the exchange of audio and video media over the internet.
Imagine a bittorrent like client that has a transaction mechanism which allows users to compensate intellectual property (IP) owners and incentivizes users by allowing them to earn for their role in distributing the product to market. Unlike BitTorrent though, the AVXChange platform will be a distributed system using the principles of blockchain/distributed ledger technologies to eliminate centralized data points, thus increasing security and transparency as all nodes on the network will reach consensus on data and events. AVXChange will use its own form of cryptocurrency (AVX) which will facilitate quick and seamless cross border, global internet based transactions. Please visit our website or watch our explainer video to learn more.
 The Need
Convert Uncompensated to Compensated The AVXChange technology was engineered to address a need in the market to convert uncompensated P2P media file downloads into compensated media downloads by incentivizing P2P file sharing participants to purchase their files. Uncompensated downloads are when intellectual property owners receive no compensation for their work being downloaded. AVXChange file sharing participants are incentivized to compensate IP owners by allowing those sharing the files to profit from their involvement in the distribution network, economically compensating them for the usage of their bandwidth, processing, and storage resources.
We believe there are several reasons why many users download content from P2P file sharing networks without compensating IP owners besides the lack of P2P platforms which enable the compensation of IP owners.

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