888Tron ICO Review

888tron.com is the fair gaming platform based on TRON smart contracts DICE 52 is unique game with WIN chance 96.15% Gear of Fortune is a short version of roulette with a payout ratio of 20:1. All profits of the 888tron.com platform will be distributed among the token holders. The Gear of Fortune is a roulette-style wheel mechanism with 21 spaces. 1. Make sure you have a TRONLink wallet. 2. To play you must own TRX, the underlying cryptocurrency that powers the TRON network. 3. Set your BET AMOUNT. This is the amount of TRX you will be betting. 4. Select the SECTOR. 5. Click SPIN to place your bet. The smart contracts will then randomly generate a sector number. 6. If the sector number is equal your prediction then you WIN! Payout = BET AMOUNT * SECTOR.

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