Eqwity ICO Review

Today, the Security Token Ecosystem needs more services aggregation,
processes standardization and procedures digitization in order to
achieve a global adoption.

At Eqwity we are building the easiest way to enter the STO market,
thanks to a decentralized ecosystem aggregating, standardizing and
digitizing all services. Then, we also aim to bring back the notion of
access to services by introducing the "STO Plus", a new hybrid model
entitling to a compliant security token as well as a utility token for
enjoying the services. Finally, the overall ecosystem is shaped to
support blockchain companies at each milestone of their life cycle
(incubation, compliance, fundraising, listing and trading).

The Eqwity Ecosystem includes four solutions:

  •  STO+ Platform: The first STO Platform onboarding
    in one place all necessary services to easily issue your security token
    and validate your regulatory compliance.
  • Community Voice: The simplest way to decentralize
    your investor relations and company governance (voting, opinion sharing,
    online general assembly).
  • Blockchain Stock Exchange: The first Digital Asset Exchange dedicated to most capitalized blockchain companies and startups (Indexes: BSE30 - BSE500).
  • The Block Accelerator: First Incubator fully
    integrated in a global ecosystem (Incubation, Issuance/Compliance,
    Fundraising, Trading) aiming to propel STO/STO+ Projects.

Finally, our STO is fully regulated and only dedicated to Accredited Investors.

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