DAGO Mining ICO Review

Dago Mining is the first self-sufficient ecological mining farm, we don't depend on energy companies, we produce energy with a solar concentration thermal photovoltaic system and we have an ecological heat and energy storage, the system made of salt water batteries, so we can mine even at night. This solution with a very low maintenance cost keeps us away from the future increase in energy costs, keeping the cost at around 1 USD / kW per month. An Immersion Cooling system for hardware increases performance and service life, saving up to 90% of cooling energy costs. In this way, we can use more powerful and performing hardware, this is unthinkable under normal conditions for high energy consumption. The high profitability of Dago mining is based on the low cost of energy, over time, on mining and on HashPower rental, three solutions that also benefit the ICO investors.

Net profits are distributed as a percentage to holders of tokens sold in the ICO, more Tokens means more percentage of profit. At this moment we are in the private sale phase, with a bonus of up to 70 %. A monthly reinvestment plan by Dago mining in HashPower with ever-new and highly performing equipment ensures a steady increase in ROI for investors. We invite you to read our White Paper for more detailed information.

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