Any development, application of innovations creates information, which is the main value and requires protection. Both corporate and private information require protection. We constantly face protection of information - fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, facial recognition systems, complex methods, passwords, logins, bracelets, codes, access cards, and terminals. However, it is an extremely short list of technologies used today. In fact, it is much longer. Such methods are often incompatible with each other. They can be counterfeited. And the range of prices for them is extremely wide. Each object needs its own protection.
A person should remember all logins, passwords and apply various methods of information protection. In the context of fast pace of life valuable time is spent on authentication processes that require human participation, memorization and entering of authentication information, replacement and restoration of lost authentication hardware. It is inconvenient, uncomfortable and time-consuming.
We offer a universal system of identification and authentication. It is universal and can be used in various areas. It is autonomous and can work locally. The system uses the technology that is based on a unique electromagnetic imprint of a person and analysis of their nervous and cardiovascular systems and cell structure by using a non-contact probing low-intensity SHF and EHF signals. This technology is called SABI (System of Adaptive Biometric Identification).
SABI technology presupposes provision of a continuous access to a secure system, when the user's logging in to the area covered by a SABI module starts the authentication and authentication process allowing the protected system to securely authorize the user, and the user's logging out the area means that the system must interrupt authorization. The module from time to time performs the user authentication process and sends control signals to the protected system about changes in the user status.
SABI technology will be the basis for a system consisting of several products aimed at solving various tasks in the field of information security and secure identification and authentication:
  • SABI-auth authentication module that allows implementing the procedure of safe logging in to various systems and devices, such as smartphones, computers, homes, cars, etc.
  • SABI-net distributed authentication network based on the blockchain technology, which represents reliable secure authentication of users registered in the network anywhere in the world; it will become a global database for the authentication of most services and can be a universal ID, if identity verification is necessary.
  • SABI-storage external memory It is SABI hard drive with biometric identification and authentication.
Problems of identification
  • Most identification technologies are incompatible with each other and the user must use several methods to access different systems.
  • The user must remember and store all logins and passwords, have physical access keys with him/her.
  • Different methods of identification require different equipment, this entails an increase in the costs for the purchase and maintenance of the entire infrastructure.
  • Most modern technologies are susceptible to hacking, data diddling and counterfeiting.
Features of SABI
  • The electromagnetic profile of the body cannot be lost throughout lifetime and it is impossible to fake it.
  • SABI technology is safe for the user, since its radiating power is less than the radiating power of smartphones, WiFi networks and other consumer electronics.
  • The only one hardware module that can be used both individually and as a part of complex corporate and international systems.
  • The authentication process does not require any actions from the user.
  • No need for permanent connection to the servers to carry out the authentication process.
  • Automatic verification of authenticity in the course of the user's work, without additional actions on his/her part.
SABI tokens
  • The token acts as a fee for using the hardware and software part of SABI.
  • The token acts as a unit of values exchange within the system and allows users to earn and spend tokens within our ecosystem.
  • SABI platform users will get tokens as a remuneration for the improvement of the existing hardware and software complex and development of the partner and branch network.

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